One Point Perspective: Student Photos from the Fall 2020 Photo Course

A selection of one point perspective images that were taken and post-processed by John Abbott College Graphic & Web Design students during the Fall 2020 Photography course.

This post & selection were made by GWD photography teacher Eric Girouard.

Learning One Point Perspective

One of the first assignments in the class was to understand what is, find, and shoot a “one point perspective”. A single point perspective is when two lines (usually supposed to be parallel) converge at the horizon line. See the railroad track image for a classic example.

At this point in the semester, students were mostly learning how to use the Adobe Lightroom image post-processing software and were experimenting with creative interpretations of their photographs, including conversion to black & white.

Enjoy the efforts of our second year students!


Author: Eric Girouard

Eric Girouard is a photography and design teacher in the Graphic & Web Design department, which he joined in 2001. He holds a BFA in Fine Art specializing in Drawing & Painting from Concordia University. His stock images were distributed worldwide by Corbis. Eric also worked at Trey Ratcliff’s “The Arcanum – Magical Academy of Artistic Mastery” and served as a photo contest judge for

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