Claudia Galdones: A Creative Gal with BIG Plans

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It all simply begins with a girl, a hand full of creative skills, BIG plans AND LOTS OF COFFEE.


I am Claudia Galdones. Filipino. Aries. Doggy-Mama. Creative. That’s basically me in a nutshell, but let’s dive into the details.

Since a young age, I have always been a creative individual. From playing the piano to sewing clothes and making miniature things for my dolls, I think it’s safe to say I’ve done it all. But I think the greatest creative medium I’ve taken on is the graphic arts. Being a Graphic and Web Design student at John Abbott College really expanded my knowledge and allowed me to develop new skills. In a way, it is turning art into something “living” on the computer. Packaging, illustration and publication/print are some of my favorite aspects of design (click here to see some of my print works). However, I also really like to do web coding and photography.

Outside of graphic design, I enjoy fashion (sewing), makeup, crafting miniature things, playing musical instruments and drawing. I also take pleasure in cooking/baking and stories. Additionally, volunteering has always been a passion of mine. At the moment, I currently volunteer at my church as a catechism teacher and choir singer. Some of my other interests include the environment, vintage style, exploring (new places), architecture/home renovations/makeovers, and astrology.

Book revamp cover design for the Glass Castle
© Claudia Galdones (Book Jacket Re-Vamp for the novel “The Glass Castle”)


My main goal for stage is to gain experience in the design industry. But, I am really looking forward to meeting new people and learning new skills. I hope to stage with a company that aligns with the same values I have including respect, integrity, equality, and positivity. A company with a happy and uplifting work environment is also something ideal. I am open to new challenges and really any aspect of design whether it’s print or web. As an individual, I am constantly working on myself. I look to see where I can improve so that I can reach my greatest potential. I am very hard working and I always put maximum effort into everything I do, so that I can achieve maximum results.


After I graduate from college, I am going to take a semester off. I just personally need a mental break from school. During that break, I will be working as a part-time designer whether it’s with a company or freelancing. At the same time, I plan on traveling and working on a side business with my mom. But in January of 2021, I plan to pursue university and get a bachelor’s in business (either in marketing or entrepreneurship).

Thanks for stopping by! Reach out if you are interested in working together. (Or hit one of the buttons below to know more about me).

Author: Claudia Galdones

Hi! My name is Claudia Galdones and I'm currently in my last year in the Graphic and Web Design program of John Abbott College. I love reading books, watching TV series and my dog Milo.

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