Nouraldeen Al-Adhamy: From Selfies to Professional Photography.

The inspiration behind the Ambition

A day in the Park © Nooraldeen Al-Adhamy Photography 2018

Hi, I am Nouraldeen Aladhamy, and I am a dedicated photographer and person who is creating video montage. I plan to intern for a photographer in his studio. I’ve been interested in video montage and photography since I was 12 years old. I would take a couple of pictures, combine them in a video to make a slideshow and share it on YouTube. When I was 20, I went out to experience the real world and take a couple of pictures to share them on my Instagram to make a portfolio. I love retouching pictures, editing and make photo manipulation. I am looking for a photographer to host me to retouch their photos and/or help out with their clients. I am passionate about photography, whenever and wherever I go, I always make sure to have my camera with me to capture the beauty of the world. As well as meet new people as clients or models to have their pictures taken for certain purposes.

The Plan for the Fall

I will start hunting for a job shortly after my graduation, perhaps in the summer. I don’t have any plans for the fall yet. I already planned what I want to do for stage since December 2018. But for the fall, that’s a whole 5 month before the end of the year. If I don’t find a job before September. I will do some freelancing. I have 5 months free of work before a new year ushers into my life. I will start a photography business on my instagram page and collaborate with models on Photoshoots for money for a little time.  Until I find a full-time job as a photographer before the end of the year. I will work very hard no matter to achieve my potential in photography.

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