David Thomas: Graphic Design and Computer Science: The Best of Both Worlds

snapshot of c++ over 2 monitors
Photo by: Fotis Fotopoulos

“The Plan”

Recently I have found myself divided by the world of Graphic Design and Computer Science. In the next 6 months, I have set goals that I am going to accomplish. These goals are divided by four phases.

  1. I would like to explore the world of web and databases in my final semester at John Abbott College in Graphic and Web Design.
  2. Finding a stage dealing with front-end web design.
  3. Finding employment for the summer in that field. Whether it be at my stage placement or elsewhere, I believe hands-on experience is something you cannot learn in school.
  4. Continuing my studies either here in Montreal, or out of province.

Phase 1

In terms of my last semester, I want to take advantage of the tools and resources presented to me. The final semester of the GWD program focuses on guiding students in finding themselves. Personally, I am going to be focusing on my intro to programming course. I will continue to learn online about programming languages and the functionality of web databases and applications.

Phase 2

For my stage placement, I am extremely interested and motivated working in a web design/front-end setting. I am keen to see how the industry works in the field vs. the classroom. I want to apply my knowledge that I have learnt throughout my three years. By applying this knowledge, I can change and apply myself to real-world projects.

Phase 3

In the summer, I want to build on my work experience in web. I am interested in staying with my stage host throughout the summer, but I do understand that this may not be possible/feasible. In that case I would look elsewhere for a summer position to strengthen my experience in the domain.

Phase 4

Finally, in the fall of 2019 I am going to be attending University. I have applied to Concordia (Web Applications/Systems), uOttawa (Gen.Comp.Sci.), University of Toronto (Gen.Comp.Sci.), and McMaster (Gen.Comp.Sci.). I plan to explore the complexities of programming as it relates to the web. Throughout my three years I have enjoyed creating and designing content, but I have realized that I am more attracted to a linear/rudimentary approach. Whether that be through building databases, frameworks, or applications, I feel that I am going to thrive in the computer science domain. However, I will always have graphic and web design in my back pocket, being able to work from both sides of the puzzle.

Author: David Thomas

Web and photography are my strong suits. Lightroom and Dreamweaver are my best friends. On a path to pursue a career in Computer Science.

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