Amanda Clement: The Unknown is Your Tool

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The Unknown

Trying to figure out what path to follow is never an easy task. It forces you to explore the depths of your mind and evaluate where you want to be in the years to come. For some people, the decision is simple: they know exactly where they want to be and want can take them there. However others, myself included, are still asking the classic childhood question “What do I want to be when I grow up?” And maybe that’s not such a bad thing. After all, the unknown is your tool.

Logic or Impulse?

To this day, I am still not entirely sure why I chose study graphic and website design. I am on the verge of completing my third year of studies within the field. When asked what inspired my decision to pursue this program, I cannot give a definite answer. Maybe the idea of combining my creativity, intuition, practicality, and communication skills appealed to me? Maybe the idea of bringing my thoughts to life in the form of design attracted me? Or maybe it was simply an impulse decision. Regardless of what initially drove me to follow this field of study, I am glad it did.

An Evolving Designer

Not only have I developed hands-on technical skills as a designer, I have also enhanced my ability to learn and adapt. Learning how to use new tools and programs may have initially seemed overwhelming. However I now find it to be exciting. It is an opportunity to evolve as a designer.

According to visual London-based Creative Director Sebastian Koseda, design is a framework that drives personal growth ( The practice itself is constantly progressing, and so are the people who work within the field.

What’s Next?

Ultimately, my goal is to pursue my education at a university level in either advertisement, web development, or a multimedia field with a web-related specialization. Seeing myself as both a creative and logical thinker, these fields match my personality, technical skill set, and strong work ethic. I am not entirely sure what the future holds but I am excited to find out.

Author: Amanda Clement

A Graphic and Web Design student currently residing in Montreal who wants to continue her studies in Advertising, Multimedia, or Website Development.

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