Graphic Designer/Illustrator

My name is Dmitry Fritz and I am currently studying Graphic and Web design at John Abbott College. Some of my main interests include photography, illustration and branding.

Branding is very important because it creates the first impression the public will have of the organization. I think that the most important aspect of branding is logo design. It is very rewarding to create a logo that is visually pleasing. I enjoy the challenge of finding a graphic that expresses what the organization or company is about.

Graphically expressing myself using different illustration tools is a skill set that I continually try to expand. Developing designs by hand is one lso like to create designs by hand. I really enjoy calligraphy and developing fonts that are appealing to the audience. I also like sketching. It is a very effective way to develop graphical concepts even if they have to be transferred to digital format. Creating something by hand allows one to use their technique differently. I particularly like using Photoshop and Illustrator. I would like to use this software and improve my skills during my internship.

In addition to this software, I also want to be able to use my photography skills. I find inspiration when taking still life and nature photography. I would like to incorporate some photography in my future work.

In my internship I hope to apply my skills I have learned in a real working environment. I hope to use this to my advantage when I start full time work hopefully after I graduate.

Below are some samples of my work. Hopefully they will give one some inspiration.

Self portrait done in Illustrator copyright ©2019 Dmitry Fritz Designs
Car editorial done by Dmitry Fritz Copyright ©2019 Dmitry Fritz Designs

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