Jonathan Burgstaller: Outgoing Montreal Graphic Designer

Hoodie Design for made-up company Oracle, created by Montreal Graphic Designer Jonathan Burgstaller

About Me

I am an outgoing graphic designer based in Montreal who enjoys creating vivid illustrations. I am about to graduate from the John Abbott Graphic and Web Design program. I’m a creative person who is always trying to make everything look perfect. What I enjoy about designing is that it lets me be creative and free with my expression. 

How I Can Help You?

This creative freeness can also be implicated in a working place as I will always have new ideas to explore. During stage, I will use my strong communication abilities and creative prowess to help a fully-fledged designing team. With these skills, I will be able to mesh into a team and create designs with passion and unity. 

Illustrations and Branding

During this program, I have figured out what I enjoy doing the most in the Adobe Creative Suite. One of the things I love doing the most is Illustrations. I love using Adobe Illustrate to explore and build upon ideas to make wonderful designs ready for publishing. I have extensive knowledge in Adobe Lightroom as well as photo correction and editing. This knowledge also leads to a skill of photo manipulation with Adobe Photoshop. 

Another passion of mine is creating brand personalities. I love putting time into making sure every business card, newsletter, brochure, and website looks the same and fits the feel of the brand. The branding identity of a company is so important to a company as it is the basis of what everyone sees. I like being the middleman that helps a company find its own character. I would love to find others as passionate as I am so that we develop amazing works together.  

Future Designer Endeavours 

Soon I will be out of John Abbott looking for my next adventure. I am still not too sure if I want to go to university or if I want to work on the field directly. It will most likely depend on my stage and how things go. I am open to staying at a company if there is an opportunity for it and if I really enjoy it. For now, I will still be applying to university in Design and Computer related programs. 

Between late May and the middle of June, I would not be able to work. I am going on two separate trips to Europe. After that, I would be able to work.  

I know I have a lot to give to a company that’s looking for someone who loves to try new things. My outgoing niche for Illustrations and Branding should help me find a graphic designer job in Montreal. My love for using Illustrator, Lightroom, and Photoshop can contribute to a stage‚Äôs team, especially with my strong communication skills. If you are looking for someone interesting, call me!

Author: Jonathan Burgstaller

Jonathan Burgstaller is an energetic individual with a burning passion for Web Design. Interested in illustration, photography, and music.

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