Leveling Out the Playing Field- Alexandra Akkerman

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Level 1 – Research & Conceptualization

Strong-willed, capable and nothing short of reliable. A passion for illustration, art direction and video games. A standout amongst the scary generation known milenials.

Ever since I joined the Graphic & Web Design course at John Abbott College, I had one goal in mind; level design. Of course, that’s a long term goal but that is where I’m headed. With this in mind, I have to formulate some sort of plan to get me from here to there.

Step one, complete my education. This means graduating from CEGEP and acquiring a BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) from Concordia University. With time, possibly gaining the title of Master of Design. Step two, hard work.

Level 2 – Hard Work

The graphic design world is my passion, to be able to create, inspire and share with others is a gift. So ideally, I’d like to work part-time while going through school and to give my 110% to my company during the summer.

What is really important to me when it comes to finding my ideal workplace is the team. Strong communication, healthy vibes and a genuine group of people working together to accomplish a goal. I’ve always felt that the best part of being a designer is sharing your experience. I’m ready to learn from a strong leader and develop my skills as a designer.

Level 3 – Conclusion

The design world is an ongoing battle. Pinterest, LogoMaker, Wix, and so many more tools. The market is oversaturated with apps and websites that simplify the design world for the masses.

But I think up and coming designers like myself shouldn’t be afraid. We are above that, we will never go out of style. We will only get stronger; I am here to prove that to you.

Author: Alexandra Akkerman

Do you ever just look at someone and think, "I'm so glad I met you"? Well, that person is me; the best up and coming designer on your team.

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