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Stuck in the middle

After I graduate from Web & Graphic Design i’m really open to what I want to do next. I’m not against continuing my education and going to university nor am I against going straight into the workforce.

If I were to decide to go to a university. Id want to to go to a university somewhere outside of Montreal. The reason why I want to leave Montreal is because I’ve been here my whole life and i’m in need for a change in scenery. Also leaving home for school would help prepare myself for when I actually move out. It will be hard not being to have my mothers cooking though! Another reason why I would want to leave Montreal is to branch out to new people. In Montreal everyone knows each other you can’t go a day without running into someone you know. That’s not a bad thing but I like meeting new people that I never seen before. The program that id apply to would be a film Editing program. A University that id be interested in going to is Ryerson University . https://www.ryerson.ca/

If I were to go straight into the workforce i’d want to work for a company on a long term contract. The reason behind that is because I don’t really like the idea of freelancing. If i’m freelancing i’m not guaranteed a pay every two because there could be times where I have clients. Also another reason I rather work in a company than freelance is because I feel like I can get more experience by working in a company. When freelancing you’re alone so you can’t get different opinions from other designers.Where as in a company you’d be able to get many other opinions and tips from your colleagues and that would make me a better designer overall.

Author: D'Andre Pyle-Norville

My name is D'Andre Pyle-Norville. I'm currently in my last semester studying Web & Graphic Design.

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