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Road to Becoming a Social Media Marketing / UI Designer

For about a few years now, I’ve been looking to take my education to the next level and pursue a career in Graphic & Web Design after John Abbott College. First of all, my main goal is to eventually major in a design program at the university level. The main school I am looking to get into is Concordia University. I want to soak in as much as I can to improve my skills and eventually work for a company that focuses on the sportswear or streetwear industry. I also would like to start a company of my own to help companies brand themselves. Social media marketing is another aspect that intrigues me and is something I’m looking into as a career path due to the fact that I believe it is the future. In today’s society, almost every company has a social media account on different platforms because it’s at its peak.

The Importance of Learning

As my designs progress, I would like to continue my education and work part-time as a designer. I have my eye on Concordia University in the Design and Computation Arts programs. Moreover, I want to educate myself more on the field that I am in to be as successful as possible. I believe that a higher education is very beneficial to myself because as a graphic designer, there is always much to learn.

How to Reach my Goals

In order to accomplish my goals, I am taking advantage of the time I currently have in college to ask as many questions and learn from my teachers about the industry. Moreover, I am currently reading articles online everyday about all the things programs such as Illustrator, Photoshop can do. I have a specific style of designing that consists of simplistic, geometric but with a creative twist to it.

In addition, I also look into other companies that have graphic designers working with them side by side to grow their brand. I can give the example of Wong Fu Productions. They are a film company that started on the Youtube platform. On their team, Jen Le is a graphic designer and social media manager for the company. I would like to focus on that type of career in the future.

Graphic Designing Goals

  • Finish Education in Design
  • Work as a Designer for Company
  • Start Own Company ( Streetwear/Sportswear Brand or Design Firm )

Author: John Aaron Macaraeg

Graphic & Web Design student at John Abbott College Class of 2019.

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