Jonathan Thériault: Graphic & Web Designer

Photoshopped Self Portrait, ©Jon Thériault 2017
Photoshopped and create a cracked effect on my self portrait

Vectorized Self Portrait, ©Jon Thériault 2018 
Completely vectorized self portrait.
Photoshopped Self Portrait, ©Jon Thériault 2017    –    Vectorized Self Portrait, ©Jon Thériault 2018

What I see in the mirror

My name is Jonathan Thériault, and I am a people-person, optimist, and creative thinker. My crazy mind and positively inspiring attitude are strong assets I hold. As a designer; I make it my dedication to fully deliver the best possible work that I can provide. I am a Graphic and Web Designer.

Education and Skillset

After completing a stage that lasted for 2 months in the summer of 2019, and having nearly completed my full degree in Graphic & Web Design, I have developed many skills and practices that are essential for professional design. I am currently a full time employee at King Canada working as a Graphic designer. I have had great opportunities every day to face many difficult challenges during the months that I have been working here. Every day is a learning experience and another day to improve myself as a designer in the working fields.

As a Graphic & Web Designer I have a strong understanding of both Photoshop and Illustrator. I am constantly learning new programs such as QuarkXpress while improving my skills and abilities with other programs such as Excel and InDesign.

As a result, this shows my ability and willingness to learn new things and be able to effectively create brand new innovative ideas.

In addition, I hold appropriate skills in both HTML and CSS. I have a very large interest in coding websites.

My Current Goals; What’s Next?

It is currently my current goal to complete my full profile. I want to be able to turn to people and say: “This is who I am, and here is my amazing online website portfolio” with confidence. To proudly show myself off with what I do and what I have done, would be exhilarating! I am very happy in my current work situation. Learning new things and gaining incredible experiences throughout each of my days is wonderful. On the other hand it can be frustrating at points to learn how to deal with certain situations and how to overcome them. As a fast learner and persistent hard worker, I find it to be an amazing way to self improve myself.

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Author: Jonathan Thériault

I'm a Montreal-based Graphic & Web Designer. "Fly like the Fish, Swim like the birds" that is my motto, in other words; do the impossible! As a passionate designer, I aim to create designs that can have an emotional effect on others. It is important to me that people understand and appreciate special and meaningful work. Your work can affect many different kinds of people in countless ways. The possibilities are endless.

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