Make the most of your spare time

Preparing portfolio pieces in your spare time
A possible future portfolio piece, waiting to be revised

In a visual and design-oriented course, your portfolio is your resume. Your future employment opportunities rely on the work you have under your belt. In the Graphic & Web Design program, every project you do is a potential portfolio piece. The work you do in school might not be inspiring. You might be stressed and not have the time or the will to put maximum effort into each work. If this is the case, at the very least keep the feedback you received during and after you presented your work in class. Then you can take full advantage of that precious spare time to revamp your portfolio pieces.

You’ll get your spare time back later!

Trust me, I know your free time is precious. I spend upwards of 15 hours a week training, on top of 24 hours of class and even more waiting for the train to and from NDG. I basically have no days off and practically zero free time during the week. The lack of free time does not really motivate you when you’re thinking of wasting it on work that isn’t worth money or grades in the near future. It’s tough, I know, but once you’ve finished your second year, the last thing you want to do in the summer is go through all your old work and fix it up for your grad portfolio.

In an ideal world…

In an ideal world, you’d already have made the perfect design the first time, but we all know that won’t be the case most of the time. Take advantage of your free time; fix up your work before it becomes a chore. When you reach your fifth semester, you’ll thank me. When summer hits before your last year, you’ll thank me. Spend more time in the sun, don’t revise your old school work – do it while you can. In your spare time.

Author: Jonathan Halliday

As of grade six, I was already toying around with photography, websites and animations, using tools such as iWeb and Adobe Muse. Since then, I've become very interested in web design and photography. I am an avid web designer and photographer, with extended knowledge in layout design, Photoshop and the Adobe Suite.

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