Nour Turk-The Next Chapter of my Life

Welcome to the next chapter of my life. I’m Nour Turk, graphic and web design student at John Abbott College. 

Chevy Cruze 2016, Vector traced in Ilustrator. Done by myself.
Chevy Cruze 2016, Vector traced in Ilustrator

To start off, I did not know anything about being a graphic and web designer, I’ve never heard of it, which made me curious and wanted to know more about it. Seeing all the work of the previous students and the work of famous graphic designers made me interested in this program.

After these three years in this program,  I still do not like web programming (coding), it is something I do not enjoy and I do not see myself working in, in the future. However, working in InDesign, Illustrator and Lightroom I do enjoy. I love photography and working in Lightroom made me love it more with all the features it has, which is more than photoshop. 

Creating flyers, magazines, brochures and more, are the reason why I enjoy working in InDesign.

The Real World

I am very excited to finish college and head to the real word and start working in this field.  However, I am planning to continue to university \\and getting another degree. I still don’t know what I would like to continue in, I am still figuring it out. Therefore, I would like to start working first and do part time in university.  Working in big companies worries me, but it will make me get out of my comfort zone.  

The next chapter of my life, should I be scared or excited?

I am afraid, but it’s time to turn the page and start a new chapter.

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