Organize Your InDesign Project


You are probably familiar with InDesign and its complexity. It is where are all files (PSDs, AIs, EPSs, TIFF, etc.) can be met to create an original project. Has it ever occurred that you are lost in all of your files? Organizing them together is a way to improve time efficiency and to feel satisfied with what you are creating.

A Simple Folder

Before starting a project, it is important to create the “mother folder”. This where you will find all the files you are using for your project whether it is a magazine, a booklet or any other print material. As soon as you want to use a file for your project, you should incorporate inside the mother folder. Therefore, they are all at the same place and it is easier for you to find them. Make sure that your .indd file is in the folder. You should incorporate the .idml file as well if you want to work on a earlier version of InDesign.

The Children

Now that you have your root file, it is also important to place your files inside different categories. The categories will be created as new folders (“child folder”) inside your mother folder. Are you confused yet? Let’s create two folders: one will be called images and the other will be called fonts. You will placed all of your images (wether its a PSD, a JPEG, a PNG, an EPS, etc.) inside your images folder. You will placed all your fonts that are not included in the Adobe Font Kit (fonts that you’ve downloaded) inside your fonts folder. Even if you don’t have any outside fonts or any images, it is best practice to still create those empty folders. Make sure that your two InDesign files and your final PDF are not categorized inside a folder so it is easier to find them. Here’s what it should look like:

demonstration of a mother folder
Organization of a mother folder

This a brief demonstration of how you can organize your InDesign project so you don’t loose your files. If you want to learn why and how to organize your image folder. You can click on the link below. Now have fun creating the best InDesign project of your life.

Author: Felix Rainville

Graphic Design Student at John Abbott College.

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