Samantha Zakher: Life after Cegep

Who am I?

My name is Samantha Zakher and I am a twenty year old student. I am currently attending John-Abbott College in my third year and studying Graphic and Web Design. I have always been passionate about design. Especially drawing and painting. Art was always my strongest subject in school.

What are my life goals?

  Car Project done in Adobe Illustrator © 2018

I would mostly like to work in design just because I enjoy it more. I am really good at drawing and painting. I have been doing that since a was very young. I used to take painting classes every Saturday morning for two years just so that I could improve.

In school, I would always get nineties in art class but sixties in all my other classes because I never liked them as much as art class. My art teachers would always favourite me because I was talented. They would always give me good grades on every project. I used to feel bad for the kids who were not as creative as me and I would try to help them. Another one of my passions consist of buying and selling properties. I just love everything about buying either condos or house and getting to design them. I really enjoy interior design and I believe that I could combine what I have learnt in this program with that.

After I finish school, my goal would be to get a full time job. I am not really interested in going to University because I have been in school for the last 16 years. I can finally say that I am ready to pursue a career and make my own money. I would love to get a full time job in the summer and keep it throughout the fall and winter too. I only have four classes left to take in Cegep but I do not mind staying in school for another year while working full time only taking one or two classes.

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