Sarah del Buey: A Creative Path

My name is Sarah del Buey. I am a 20 year old student at John Abbott College studying Graphic and Web Design. From a young age I have always been creative and had a hunger to create different art forms that provoke people to feel something or open their minds to new thoughts. I have many skills such as photography, photo-editing, animation, video editing, and graphic design. My mission is to take these skills and help brands identify themselves and reach wider audiences.

My Experience

I am at the start of my career and am extremely excited to see where a creative path will take me. I am currently in my last semester of Graphic and Web Design at John Abbott College. I am also searching for a stage. I am eager to gain more work experience. So far, I have had a wonderful time creating content for gyms, bloggers, and make-up brands while working at M5 Media last summer. Since then I have had some more freelance clients. These experiences have helped me learn so much and prepared me. Through this work I have become excited, passionate, and dedicated to the path I’ve chosen.

Where I plan to go

Although I will be done the Graphic and Web Design program soon, I plan to be a student for the rest of my life. What I mean by this, is that I will always be learning and bettering myself in this field. In this technological era, those who do not advance their knowledge will fall behind. As someone who loves to keep expanding their knowledge, this excites me. After my stage I will be available for full time work. I also plan to release my first photography book in the next year. I am extremely flexible in my skills and am excited to put my talents to use to create more growth for any future companies I work for.

Author: Sarah del Buey

Sarah del Buey is a student at John Abbott College in Graphic and Web Designer. Her skills include wide range of knowledge of the Adobe Suite, Print Design, Web Design etc. Her expertise lie in Photography, Photo Editing, Videography and Video Editing, Content Creation.

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