Sarah-Maude Chapdelaine: Next couple of Years

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Admiring fashion, the new trends every year since I was a little, that’s why it was easy for me to choose my niche of interest. Fashion has a big impact on my life since forever now. How I dress in the morning is how I set my mood for the day. I always tell myself I have to dress to impress not just for people around me but myself included. My niche of knowledge would be in the direction of the graphic design for the fashion industry based in Montreal. The fashion industry has been a subject that I’ve appreciated for many years now. I would devote my two strength together to have the best work experiences.

After I’ve finished my DEC at John Abbott college I would direct myself in the work field as a graphic designer in a studio that will make me grow, learn the real life of being a great graphic designer. After three years of knowledge and learning new elements, I will appreciate to get hired by a company that achieves graphic design for the fashion industry. My direction in which I would go in would be designing magazines covers or adds for fashion companies.

My biggest dream is to work for Vogue Magazine cover, I admire this magazine since I was a young teenager.  I would love to grow my strength in that company and maybe travel a lot because of my work. That would be my goals for the next couple of years and hope you enjoy my little blog and hire a woman that has various strengths like being organized, punctual, social, and especially dynamic.  

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