Arianne Fennell: An Evolving Plan

The Stress Of Making Decisions

vector self portrait by arianne fennell
Vector Self Portrait, © 2019 Arianne Fennell

When I was younger, I never worried much about the future. Things worked out for me and I found that I never had a difficult time in deciding what I wanted to do or how I wanted to do it. It’s only in my last semester at John Abbott College where I really felt the pressure of making decisions for my future. It required me to sit down and actually make a plan.

Present Day

To introduce myself, I’m Arianne Fennell. For the past three years, I’ve studied in John Abbott’s Graphic & Web Design program. Studying in this field has allowed me to express my creative ideas while also enabling me to develop the necessary skill set to succeed in either the print or web industry. My work usually explores both the physical and virtual world of design and it often draws inspiration from my travels and experiences.

Specialized Skill Sets

As a highly motivated individual with great communication skills and organizational skills, I believe that I can bring a lot to the table. I’m experienced and comfortable with the Adobe Creative Suite, as well as with HTML and CSS language. For my stage placement, I’d particularly be interested in identity design, photography, publication design and web design.

I’m also interested in experiencing what it’s like to work for a design studio like Paprika. Potentially even an entertainment company like WB Games or Ubisoft. I would love to work with other creatives in a studio setting to learn as much as I can about the industry. Learning from my experience is the main goal during my stage.

What The Future Holds

Despite being well rounded when it comes to my abilities in the design world, my end goal is to work in the video game industry. For this, I need some sort of background in a video game design program or computer science program. In the fall of 2019, I will be attending Algonquin College in Ottawa to study Game Development.

Shortly following the end of stage, I will be departing on a three-week road trip. This trip will take me up along the Oregon and Washington coast to Tofino and Ucluelet in British Columbia. Traveling has always been important to me, and I understand why stage hosts will not be interested.

For those who wish to keep me on board, I would love the job opportunity. I’m interested in working full-time during the summer, or even part-time during school.

With this plan, I hope that I’ll be content with myself, as well as the life I choose to live.

Author: Arianne Fennell

Arianne Fennell is a Montreal based adventurer and designer who's passionate about exploring the connection between both the physical and virtual world of design. Having grown up playing video games, she aims to pursue a career in developing them.

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