Grid System: The Basis of (Web & Print) Professional Layout

Grid Systems from Bas Leurs

Ever wonder how professional graphic designers make their work look so… professional? And how they manage to create complex layouts so quickly?

Simple. Both web and graphic designers—as well as architects—use one of greatest tools in the visual arts: the grid system.

Of the many different attempts during art history to create a design system based on a grid, the so-called Swiss Grid is probably the foremost example. In many ways, modernist graphic design is the Swiss Grid.

Based on a strategically chosen number of columns and sometimes also on text parameters such as font size and leading as well as baseline, the grid system makes placing elements on a page fast and precise.

For the reader, it makes a series of pages—or screens—predictable and intuitive. This increases usability and comprehension. In e-commerce systems, the well structured layout increases sales by making the navigation of the site and shopping cart more efficient.

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Arianne Fennell: An Evolving Plan

The Stress Of Making Decisions

vector self portrait by arianne fennell
Vector Self Portrait, © 2019 Arianne Fennell

When I was younger, I never worried much about the future. Things worked out for me and I found that I never had a difficult time in deciding what I wanted to do or how I wanted to do it. It’s only in my last semester at John Abbott College where I really felt the pressure of making decisions for my future. It required me to sit down and actually make a plan.

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Catherine Bégin: Curiosity Prompted the Cat

Multimedia Art Direction and Design
Photo by Katya Austin on Unsplash

My name is Catherine Bégin, and I am a passionate and driven creative spirit with a fascination for emerging forms of media. I love to make discoveries, innovate and explore beyond the beaten path.

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