The Utility of Keyboard Commands

Picture of women typing commands
Photo by Corinne Kutz on Unsplash

Starting the Graphic and Web program there was a lot of commands to learn in order to save time. Instead of having to manually do it. For example, file>export and then clicking several options. Commands helped me with exporting numerous of my projects and helped me save loads of time. Just like any other commands like command P, in order to place certain files and pictures into the new document you would be currently working on.

At first it was truly hard for me to find certain path manually since just clicking on only “File” a bunch of other options would appear with sub-categories. Therefore, that is when I ended up finding commands as short cuts. One particular thing I found cool was how we could make our own commands and shortcuts since some options did not already have some.

Commands save time which saves money when you look at the big picture of things. I love how no matter what software you are in commands are always available and easy to use. One down side of it, is that even if you are using adobe software’s the commands change up depending on the software. For example, certain commands on illustrator and Photoshop are different in order to get certain tools.

They are all rather nifty and come in handy when you are stressing out when it comes to doing a project in time. Such a small thing like a command can save us from even creating simple mistakes and wasting our time searching nonstop for a certain option. Overall, commands are my new found obsession in order to make my future projects easier to manage and operate nicely. This small detail will definitely help me and others to do their work faster and more efficiently.

Author: MariaVidoza

Maria Vidoza is a Graphic and Web Design student who enjoys creating her own art and drawing.

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