What You Need to Know About Photo Editing

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Edited Photo

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When I started Graphic Design, I didn’t know much about Photo editing Photoshop or Lightroom, specifically editing pictures correctly. In our Photoshop class, we were taught how to photoshop large things but not edit pictures, which are two completely different things.

Can photo editing help?

When I would edit pictures, I based it strictly off the aesthetics of it and not the lens correction, blinkis or simple tricks to give your pictures a more professional feel to it that we learned in our photography class the second year. This made editing pictures for projects a lot more difficult than it should be because I was using techniques that took ten times longer to edit and searching up online how I could edit a picture. I would’ve liked to have known about these techniques before learning Photoshop considering a lot of the projects, we did had to include original pictures taken by us. Since I do have some photographers in my surroundings it did help but it was nothing compared to the Photography class, we had the second year.

Our photography class was a lot more hands on and specifically concentrated on editing photographs. Another part of photography that I would’ve liked to know before entering the program, was not only editing but how to take pictures, the angles, bokeh, panning shots, etc. All these are types of photographs I could’ve incorporated in my projects that would’ve made my projects a lot more interesting.

All this to say, as much as I would’ve wanted to learn these photography techniques, at the end of the day I still learned it which is what matters and now I am able to use this knowledge for my new upcoming projects.

Author: Rachel Dallaire

Rachel Dallaire studies in Graphic & Web Design at John Abbott College. This is her second year and she hopes to proceed with photography, photo editing, etc.

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