Timothy Claude: Design a Legacy

Black and white portrait of designer, Timothy Claude

Who is Timothy Claude?

In 2016, I was a freshman at University of Toronto, on the road to getting my BBA in business management instead of graphic design. However, I decided to change course for a more creative path by enrolling in John Abbott College’s Graphic and Web Design (GWD) program.

The decision to pursue a career in graphic and web design was one of the best decisions I have ever made because it was a pivotal decision in my life. However, I have always been passionate about art, and design which made the shift towards a creative career path natural. Over the years, I have gained an appreciation for constructive criticism, and can work as a lone wolf or team player.  

Black road bike with light grey re-designed logos that are superimposed on bike frame
Re-branded bike company superimposed on road bike frame – Mock up created in Photoshop © Tim Claude, 2020

Tell me about your design skills?

I started John Abbott in stride, having taught myself Photoshop, and some Cinema 4D when in high school. This was a good base, but the past 3 years have enabled me to expand upon my knowledge of the Adobe Suite, whilst delving deeper into HTML and CSS. I have learned a multitude of various software in GWD, such as: Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver, Lightroom, Animate, After Effects, etc. Furthermore, I am now adept with macOS and Windows.

For my stage placement, I would be interested in brand development for companies or individuals. This could also include: publication design, creation of promotional material, illustration, or even UI/UX design. However, I am open to try new things, and expand my knowledge of design. I aspire to become an art director, who can lead a team of creatives who share my passion for design. In my opinion, the more positions I can learn about, the better director I can become.

Three separate posters placed side by side designed for a daily poster challenge. All portraits are overlaid with text
Selection of posters from daily poster challenge – Designed in Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator © Tim Claude, 2020

Improvement is key, which is why I started an Instagram design page for daily posting. Instagram is great for exploring other design pages, and when used efficiently. It is a great source of inspiration for my own work. A daily design challenge has benefit me by forcing me to try new things and build my understanding of the design principles.

Furthermore, I can showcase other people’s work in my own. By sourcing images from Unsplash (bonus points for Montreal based HQ) because of its creative commons policy.

Collage of logos designed in black, over grey background
Logo collage produced from logos created over the years – Created in Adobe Illustrator © Tim Claude, 2020

What does the future hold?

After completing CEGEP, I am motivated to start working immediately. Working in a marketing firm or design agency would be great. I want to learn from the best, and reach new heights of professionalism. Working in an entertainment or game studio that promotes collaboration would also be interesting.

3 of 5 Bermuda themed illustrations in a pink and blue color scheme designed for an art exhibition
3 of 5 Illustrations created for a gallery exhibition – Designed in Adobe Photoshop © Tim Claude, 2020

Originally I am from Bermuda, an English-speaking country. This means my French is in need of improvement. It would be ideal to work in a company with an English culture, but I acknowledge that this is Montreal, and bilingualism is important. Furthermore, being around others who speak French and English will allow me to improve my linguistic skills.

If I have intrigued you (or not), take a look at my portfolio on my website or Behance page. Explore not only what I can offer now, but what I am capable of offering in the future. You can even read another one of my blog posts.

Feel free to reach out, I am always happy to meet new people and discuss future endeavors.

Author: Timothy Claude

Timothy Claude is a graphic and web design student, currently enrolled in a career program at John Abbott College. He is creatively driven with a large focus placed on efficiency and good design principles.

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