Felix Rainville: Creative Director

We are surrounded by visuals every minute of our lives without really thinking anything of it when it shouldn’t be the case. But lucky for one guy, since a very young age,  he was always captivated by the way things were placed on giant displays, on TV or online. Hi there! I’m Felix Rainville and I am this lucky boy. I am an aspired creative director that loves discovering new ways to attract people like myself!

Portrait of Creative DIrector Felix Rainville

Starts With Passion

I have an incredible passion for simplicity and contrast which plays a strong role in my creative process.

Everything needs to be meticulous and detail-oriented. What is important in branding these days is to follow trends to attract as many people as possible and I like to think that I incorporate those aspects into my designs. I enjoy playing with colours and gradients to see how it can impact a composition.

As a designer, I love to see the process. Imagining that a project was once a vague idea is why I like to design. As I love to think about the future, I’d like to say that I have clear ambitions. Working in management, brand identity, print design, and UI/UX design are ideal for me as I am a visual thinker.


Following a Goal

My goal for stage is to truly experience what being in the field feels like, to understand the process of a project before its final results. My dream stage/job is to work in the field of music and its publicity. Music has been such an interesting area that I would love to explore since I am always surrounded by it whether it is in my car or my ears.

Music was the only way I could shine creatively. I would volunteer to sit in the back of my parent’s car to immerse myself in these vibrations and create my own music videos. Since then, it has opened me to explore design and its impact on the music industry. The purpose of design is to attract an audience while being interesting and impactful. It is in the field of music that I see this statement gleam being the reason why I want to contribute.


Opposites Attract

The contrast in work is important. I love working in a group environment as much as I love working on my own. Both bring fascinating lessons and experiences that I find essential to be a better graphic designer. For example, working in teams improves my ability to share my ideas without judgment and receive feedback. Contrarily, working alone brings me comfort and relief which helps my productivity.  

I am an organized and disorganized individual. My disorganized self encourages the other to work efficiently to meet deadlines. On the other hand, working in a group can also reinforce my organized self to see the light of day as other members can help me understand something I don’t. 

If you are looking for someone serious but also playful and open-minded, it would be a pleasure to work with you.

Author: Felix Rainville

Graphic Design Student at John Abbott College.

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