Isabelle Rochette: Pursuing My Passion

Self Portrait made in Adobe Illustrator as an addition to the "Pursuing my passion" blog post.
Self Portrait made in Adobe Illustrator. Poster Mockup by Anthony Boyd Graphics ©Isabelle Rochette, 2020

Who I am

I began my studies at John Abbott about 3 years ago intending to learn new skills in design and broaden my horizons. In addition, I am leaving so inspired and ready to jump into different projects to start pursuing my passion. I am constantly searching for ways to be more innovative and create something that hasn’t been done before. What I love about this field is that I can be artistic and express different ideas through each piece I create. I am someone who loves learning and gaining as much knowledge as possible. I love working in a team while feeding off of each other’s creativity and passion to build innovative solutions.


I am looking for a stage that will give me a real taste of what the design industry is all about. Therefore, I would like to experience working in publication, branding, packaging and web design so that I can better choose my career path.

Baby moisturizer packaging as an addition to the "Pursuing my passion" blog post.
Baby moisturizer packaging ©Isabelle Rochette, 2020

The “Plan”

I am just around the corner from graduating John Abbott in the graphic and web design program. My plan is to apply to University for next fall, but nothing is set in stone. I am open to other opportunities that come my way. I am still in a stage where I’m figuring out what the best next step for me will be.

Two Passions in One

Not only do I design but I also dance. Committing myself to both of my passions has required me to be particularly efficient at managing my time and be very organized. I am used to having many deadlines and working on many different things at once and that has helped me develop my work ethic.  I intend to continue pursuing my passion and gain as much knowledge as I can in both fields. What I have learned is that dance and design have way more in common than people would think. Each has helped me develop my skills for the other. The discipline and commitment it takes to excel in dance are the same in design. 

I am looking forward to hearing from you.



Author: Isabelle Rochette

Isabelle is graduating from the Graphic and Web design program at John Abbott College this spring, 2020. She is someone very passionate and hardworking. She is particularly interested in photography, publication, packaging, and web design.

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