Jonathan Halliday: Web, Print, Photography

GIrl taking a picture at a concert, face lit up by phone
Mesmerized – Edited in Lightroom © Jonathan Halliday

About Me: Web, Print, Photography

I am graduating from John Abbott College in the Graphic and Web Design program. I am interested in web, print, and photography.


From a young age, I’ve been toying around with photography, videography, websites, and animations using tools such as iWeb and Adobe Muse. I then became fascinated in 3D environments, using applications such as Blender and Cinema4D. Throughout the years, this wide range of interests has been narrowed down to web design and photography. My vast background keeps me in the know of many different technologies. I am very comfortable designing other print materials as well!

Book dustjacket mockup for the book Outrage in The Singular Menace series
Dustjacket design for Outrage in The Singular Menace series © Jonathan Halliday


Web design has always been a passion, and I’ve pursued it without fail from the very beginning. I have very strong technical skills and am working on honing in my design skills. After learning HTML and CSS, I began to teach myself PHP and JavaScript. While in school, I’ve been working freelance, aiding in the creation and maintenance of several CMS websites. I’ve also done SEO and code fixing on custom websites.

Web design and branding for fictional bike company Zephyr © Jonathan Halliday

My interest in photography was sparked through my involvement in sport and love for capturing the moment. Whether capturing spontaneous shots of fellow athletes on their way to victory or taking well-calculated landscapes, I love it all.

RSA athlete Henri Schoeman at the Montreal ITU © Jonathan Halliday

Stage and beyond

Leaving Cegep, I’m looking to join the workforce in web, print or photography. I would like to test the waters and see where life takes me. Ambitious and keen, I would like to join a bigger team that can show me the ropes and acquaint me with different aspects of the profession.

A strong team of developers and designers can help me to narrow my interests and hone my skills. Leaving my job with a job in either the print or web design and development fields would be amazing.

I have used and am comfortable with Windows, macOS, the Adobe Suite (Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, After Effects, Premiere Pro, etc.), Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), and web languages such as HTML, CSS and rudimentary PHP and JS. I am bilingual; however, I am more comfortable in English.

All works © Jonathan Halliday

Author: Jonathan Halliday

As of grade six, I was already toying around with photography, websites and animations, using tools such as iWeb and Adobe Muse. Since then, I've become very interested in web design and photography. I am an avid web designer and photographer, with extended knowledge in layout design, Photoshop and the Adobe Suite.

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