William Denman: Where There’s a Will, There’s Design Expertise

Hello! I’m a student graphic designer and photographer. One of the things that fascinates me about this field is the concept of the ecosystem; different facets of people coming together to create one thing.  

Before coming into this field, I had been focusing on Anthropology and History, and I like to carry those perspectives into my design interests. As much as minimalism is very chic, I’m a big fan of the maximalist art styles of the 20th century. And with that in mind, I’m fascinated by how different design aspects are interpreted globally. 

Bee with relaxed wings resting on a purple flower. Photo by William Denman
© Photo by Will Denman 2019
Career Ambitions

It seems silly to say but the reason I’m in this field is because of The Devil Wears Prada. Seeing how a magazine comes together—albeit with much less pressure—was something I hadn’t really thought of, so the idea of working in a similar field situation interests greatly. As much as people gripe about group work now, I take pride in leading a team, and my current job has helped me hone those skills from an intrapersonal side as well. As a result, I feel I’m very suited to become part of a design ecosystem, no matter what it is.

The Future 

As my knowledge of the different career paths has grown, I’ve realized I really enjoy the styling side of photography. Specifically with food, and how we can create visual stories and how to use it to stimulate the mind visually. The excellent part of this career path is that there so many avenues to explore. For example, I’m currently working on a project blending embroidery and photography, and I’ve become fascinated with the idea of mixing art styles. 

white Montreal Bonsecours dome on a cloudy day. Photo by William Denman
© Photo by Will Denman 2018

For the coming months, I’m extremely open to and excited about new opportunities. I’d like to use the time following after my stage to explore any new paths presented. I’m available to work part-time, and my eventual plan would be to move on to university while continuing with a design-related occupation. My goal is to not only build on my knowledge, but also sharpen the skills I already have. 

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