GWD Class of 2019’s Vernissage

Graphic and Web Design Vernissage Promo Poster
Promo illustration by Cristina De Luca

The Graphic and Web Design department is proud to announce the GWD Class of 2019’s Vernissage. Come join us on Monday April 15th in between 5pm and 8pm in the Agora of John Abbott College.

vernissage [ver-nuh-sahzh; French ver-nee-sazh]
noun, plural ver·nis·sages [ver-nuh-sah-zhiz; French ver-nee-sazh] /ˌvɛr nəˈsɑ ʒɪz; French vɛr niˈsaʒ/.

Also called “varnishing day”: the day before the opening of an art exhibition traditionally reserved for the artist to varnish the paintings. A reception at a gallery for an artist whose show is about to open to the public.
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